Regulatory guidance for major events

This is a special webpage of the National Telecommunication Agency (ANATEL) produced for professionals interested in gathering information about the telecommunications regulatory framework in Brazil, with a focus on the forthcoming Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Experiences gathered in past events, especially during the 2014 World Cup, show the impact of major events in increasing the traffic of telecom networks and the massive use of the national electromagnetic spectrum. Such a scenario requires adequate planning and coordination for efficient use of spectrum in a way that favors everyone in terms of both broadcasting quality and the quality of telecom services provided to society.

All stakeholders, including the organization, media coverage, infrastructure and services provision shall be aware and respect current regulations in Brazil.

Here Anatel will provide useful information, with a major focus on those players which are more directly involved with the deployment of such events (e.g. organizers, broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, service providers and others).

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About Anatel

National Telecommunication Agency (ANATEL) is the telecommunications sector regulator in Brazil. It has been created by the General Telecommunications Law (LGT) in 1997. Among its legal duties, Anatel is responsible for:

  • Implementing the national telecommunication policy;
  • Managing the national spectrum and orbital usage;
  • Regulating, authorizing and enforcing operators on the provision of telecommunication services;
  • Defining standards to be accomplished by operators on the provision of telecom services;
  • Standardizing and performing telecommunication products type approval (certification and homologation);
  • Preventing violations of telecommunication users rights.


What is the role of Anatel in the major events?

The Agency´s actions more directly related to the international major events are focused on the efficient administration of spectrum, including the planning of frequency bands required to meet the spectrum demands, the authorization (licensing) for the temporary use of radio frequencies, especially those related to international news coverage and preventing or rapidly interrupting harmful interferences that may provoke impacts on the execution of the events. These activities are mainly focused on the organization, security, media coverage, services provision among others.

The activities herein described constitute a set of initiatives from Anatel with a focus on the major international events. By this channel, stakeholders may follow up the evolution of Anatel projects for those events.


About LGT - General Telecommunications Law (Nr. 9.472/1997)

The General Telecommunications Law (LGT) is the legal milestone for the telecom sector in Brazil.

Besides LGT, further relevant regulations must be known by those interested in operating telecom equipment during major events, especially wireless devices.


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Piece of information and documents regarding telecommunication regulatory framework on this website is for reference and consultation purposes only, they do not substitute the original versions, in Portuguese language, published by the Brazilian official diaries (e.g. federal official gazette) -