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This is a special page of Anatel, the National Telecommunications Agency, with regulatory guidance to organizations, service providers and other professionals who will work in the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The experiences gained in previous events, especially in the World Cup in 2014, demonstrated the impact of major events in the increase in traffic of telecommunications networks and the heavy use of national radio spectrum. This scenario requires proper planning and coordination for the efficient use of the spectrum, benefiting everyone in terms of quality of the broadcasts of the games and stability in telecommunications services provided to the population.

All stakeholders, including the organization, media coverage, infrastructure and other interested parties need to be aware of current regulations, especially the rules governing the use of radio spectrum in Brazil.

Here Anatel will provide useful information, with a major focus on those players which are more directly involved with the deployment of such events (e.g. organizers, broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, service providers and others).






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