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2015 Test Events

Published: Monday, 27 July 2015 16:36 | Last Updated: Friday, 14 August 2015 16:27

The period before the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games is marked by a series of test events, when all players working on the organization side perform their tasks as if it were Games time. That is the moment to assess risks and fine tune the actions.

During the Rowing (Aug 5 to 9) and Equestrian (Aug 6 to 9) test events, taking place in Rio, Anatel will perform operations as planned for Rio 2016 Games, taking the opportunity to assess the correct planning of procedures and processes required for adequate spectrum management.

Actions include: control of RF equipment access to venue, testing and tagging and support in case of interferences.

Test and Tagging (T&T)

Preliminary tests aim at assessing whether the setup of telecommunication devices are correct, in compliance with the parameters described in the license or authorization for temporary use of radiofrequencies issued by Anatel.

Which equipment must be tested and tagged?

Test and Tagging (T&T) procedures carried out by Anatel aim at minimizing interference risks and encompass all wireless devices, such as: handheld transmitters, wireless lapel and hand microphones, wireless cameras, etc.

All users of radio frequency emitting equipment must present them for testing and tagging, accompanied by the respective authorization of use and configured exclusively with the frequency(ies) and bandwidth described in the authorization.

The procedure also applies to equipment that does not require permission to operate (approved as restricted radiation, also known as short range devices).

Dates and places to carry out the T&T

The preliminary tests and tagging will be held at Anatel’s checkpoints, located at the Olympic Equestrian Center and the Lagoa Stadium.

Checkpoints will be active since Aug 3, 8:30 am - 5 pm.

General info

Devices configured according to their license or authorization will be approved and marked with a color label stating that their transportation and operation at that location are permitted.

The label "Do not use" will be fixed to all equipment that fails the compliance test and which irregularity cannot be remedied during the testing period.

Security teams will be instructed to guide any persons operating unlabeled telecommunications devices to Anatel´s checkpoints at the venues.

Anatel's team, composed of uniformed agents, will address any persons operating unlabeled equipment or with the unauthorized use label (whose operation is prohibited).

In case of doubts, please contact us.

What to do in the case of interferences?

If you experience harmful interferences on your RF-emitting equipment, please call Rio 2016 Service Desk – 0800 722 2016.

The information provided will be forwarded to Anatel´s agents at the venue, who may contact you to solve the case.

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