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How to become a MVNO operator

Published: Monday, 18 March 2013 15:43 | Last Updated: Thursday, 04 August 2016 17:13

How to become a MVNO operator

The exploitation of the Personal Mobile Service (SMP) by means of Virtual Network (RRV-SMP) (worldly known as Mobile Virtual Network Operator – MVNO) is regulated in Brazil by Resolution Nr. 550, of 22 November, 2010 (only in Portuguese). This resolution created two distinct models of operating the service: under Authorization or Accreditation.

Each model works as follows:

  • Authorized MVNO (Authorized SMP Operator by means of Virtual Network)- a legal operator authorized by Anatel to provide Personal Mobile Service that shares the network with the Origin Provider (MNO);
  • Accredited MVNO (Accredited Virtual Network Operator)- the legal operator, accredited by the MNO, able to represent it in the provision of Personal Mobile Service, the company must be incorporated under the Brazilian laws, with headquarters and management in the country.Accreditation is the contract of representation, subject to free negotiation between the Accredited MVNO and the MNO, whose effectiveness depends on approval by Anatel.

A company interested in exploring the SMP by means of virtual network, through any of the two models presented, shall send a communication letter to Anatel indicating the specific modality chosen, the contract with the telecommunication service provider and the provision area for the service. : If one choses the authorization modality, it should also send the specific documentation, which is detailed under the same Resolution, (Nr. 550) and this checklist.

Note: Resolution Nr. 550 has been updated with alterations specified in Resolution Nr. 663 of 21 March 2016.

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