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Radiocommunication (CBC2)

Publicado: Sexta, 13 de Fevereiro de 2015, 17h29 | Última atualização em Sexta, 13 de Fevereiro de 2015, 17h29 | Acessos: 3941

This Committee acts on work of the Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG) and the Study Groups (SGs) of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R).

The CBC2 also deals with radiocommunication issues in the Permanent Consultative Committees of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL), and the Working Subgroup 1 - Communications (SGT-1), Mercosur.

Some CBC2 themes:

- Principles and spectrum management techniques, general principles of sharing, radiomonitoring of the spectrum, long-term strategies for spectrum use, automated techniques and assistance to developing countries in cooperation with the Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) ;

- Radio wave propagation in ionized and non-ionized media and the noise characteristics, in order to improve radio systems;

- Systems and networks of fixed satellite services, mobile satellite, satellite radio and satellite radio-determination;

- Systems and networks of services: fixed, mobile, radiodetermination, amateur and amateur-satellite;

- Broadcasting, including vision, sound, multimedia and data services used primarily for distribution of information to the general public;

- Systems for space operation and research, earth exploration and meteorology, including the corresponding use of links between satellites;

- Systems for remote sensing, including passive and active systems operating on land-based platforms or space;

- Radio astronomy; and

- Dissemination, reception and coordination of standard frequency and time signal services, including implementation through the use of satellites in global bases.

The CBC2 consists of the following Rapporteurs Groups (GRRs):

  • GRR 1: Preparation group for WRC / CPM / RAG / RRB / SC ITU-R; CCP.II of Citel; SGT.1 Mercosur; Monitoring of other regional blocks (ATU / ASMG / APT / CEPT / RCC)
  • GRR 2: Terrestrial Services
  • GRR 3: Satellite Services
  • GRR 4: Scientific Services
  • GRR 5: Spectrum Management and Propagation

GRR 6: Broadcasting

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