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Webpage Accessibility

Published: Wednesday, June 10 2015 13:57 | Last Updated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 13:57

Webpage Accessibility

This website was developed following the guidelines of e-MAG 3.0 (Model Accessibility of Electronic Government), WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), the principles of accessibility and built according to the standards of the Federal Government, in obedience to Decree No. 5,296, of 2 December 2004, with the goal of ensuring access all its content to all citizens through the latest web browsers.

Its design, conceived from the universal design principles, values the simple and intuitive use, and accessibility to as many people as possible. Among other things, it provides contrast option, font size change, keyboard navigation and text-image equivalence.

Accessibility tools

Individuals with special needs may use the shortcut keys of their browsers, as well as a change the and font size.

Contrast Switch

The Switch Contrast button enables improved visualization of content for the colorblind and people with reading disabilities.

Font Control

Each webpage shows a A+  A  A- button, which is used to increase the font size, decrease font size and return to the default font size.

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