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SATELLITE (English Version)


The use of satellites in Brazil requires authorization from Anatel in most cases. The type of authorization depends on the ITU radiocommunication service associated with the satellite frequency bands.

The image below illustrates the correspondence between the type of authorization and the related ITU radiocommunication services.



Yes. Since the operation of satellites depends on the use of orbit and spectrum resources that are internationally shared, there is a need for international rules for the use of satellites. These rules can be found on the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Radio Regulations. ITU is the United Nations (UN) agency responsible for issues that concern information and communication technologies.



In accordance with the Radio Regulations, before launching and operating a satellite it is necessary to submit to ITU the satellite system project (satellite network filing). For Brazilian satellites, the submission of the satellite network filing should be done through Anatel.



No. The Brazilian Administration is responsible for the satellite network filing before ITU. The satellite operator is responsible for the technical frequency coordination, according to the ITU rules, and for paying the ITU cost recovery.



No. In accordance with the Telecommunication Services Regulation (Regulamento de Serviços de Telecomunicações) the provision of satellite capacity is not a telecommunication service, as defined by Anatel rules. A duly authorized satellite operator can only provide its satellite capacity to entities who own authorization before Anatel to provide telecom services or to the Brazilian Armed Forces.



The use of receive-only earth stations does not require licensing from Anatel.