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Satellite Networks

Publicado: Segunda, 20 de Abril de 2020, 14h31 | Última atualização em Segunda, 20 de Abril de 2020, 14h31 | Acessos: 92

Satellite networks filings are the international records, submitted to International Telecommunications Union (ITU), containing the technical project of the satellite system that are intended to be implemented. Before a satellite communication system makes use of the orbit and spectrum resources it is necessary to submit a satellite network filing to the ITU, detailing technical parameters related to the resources to be used. This process is necessary to obtain international recognition of the right to use such resources.

As the official representative of the Brazilian administration, Anatel is responsible for the management and submission of Brazilian satellite network filings to the ITU. Satellites associated with Brazilian satellite network filings are considered Brazilian satellites. If a specific satellite operator wishes to implement a Brazilian satellite, it must follow the necessary procedures to submit a Brazilian satellite network filing to the ITU.

The relevant international rules governing the use of the electromagnetic spectrum by satellites are included in the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunications Union, an international treaty of which Brazil is a signatory. Anatel supports new and established satellite operators in their projects at all stages of the ITU process.

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